Modelling seasonal variation of gully erosion at the catchment scale. A new study published on “Earth Surface Processes and Landforms” Journal

The article, titled “Modelling seasonal variation of gully erosion at the catchment scale” has been recently published in the journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. The study proposes a method for integrating remote sensing data from the ESA Sentinel-2 mission and the LANDPLANER modelling tool developed by Mauro Rossi, to predict the spatial and temporal occurrence of gully erosion phenomena. The study investigates the seasonal conditions responsible for the triggering of such phenomena at the basin scale using different erosion modelling schemas. The results show how the occurrence of erosion phenomena in the studied region changes seasonally, and that the proposed method was able to effectively discriminate the spatial and temporal occurrences of such phenomena. The proposed method can be applied to regions with similar characteristics around the world, even where there is limited data availability. The study was developed under the Project “SAPERE – Space Advanced projectExcellence in Research and Enterprise” and Project BIOESSaNS “Biodiversity and ecosystem services in SacredNatural Sites”, both funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Citation: Agostini, M., Mondini, A.C., Torri, D. & Rossi, M. (2021) Modelling seasonal variation of gully erosionat the catchment scale. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms,1–23. Available from:

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