The sixth congress of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR GEOMORPHOMETRY, held in Perugia from 13 to 15 September, is now over. One of the works presented by the IRPI researchers was awarded a “best paper” award

The sixth Geomorphometry conference, organized by the International Society For Geomorphometry together with the CNR IRPI and the Physics and Geology Department, was held at University of Perugia, September 13-15.

The conference was attended by more than 50 researchers from around the world, connected online from 11 different time zones.

The conference hosted high-profile names in international geomorphometry such as Michael Hutchinson, Ian Sylvester Evans, Peter Guth. The program included three keynote contributions and 44 presentations, based on short research articles presented at the congress after peer review by the congress scientific committee.

The contributions were voted by the participants of the congress. The “best student paper” award was assigned to the paper entitled “Estimating the spatial distribution of vegetation height and ground-level elevation in a mesotidal salt marsh from UAV LiDAR-derived point cloud”, presented by Daniele Pinton, University of Florida. The “best paper award” was shared between the papers “Reflections on adding the Z dimension to earth system analysis” presented by Michael Hutchinson , Australian National University, and “A data-driven method for assessing the probability for terrain grid cells of initiating rockfalls on a large area”, authored by researchers from CNRI IRPI, Perugia: M. Alvioli, M. Santangelo, F. Fiorucci, M. Cardinali, I. Marchesini, P. Reichenbach, M. Rossi, and presented by Federica Fiorucci. An extended version of the paper per was recently published in the journal Engineering Geology with the title “Rockfall susceptibility and network-ranked susceptibility along the Italian railway”.