The sea storm of March 21, 2018 on the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast


The report deals with the storm that on March 21, 2018 hit the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, with wind up 70 km/h causing sea waves 6 – 7 meters high. The first part of the report contains news from press and websites concerning damage caused by the sea. The second part contains the results of on-site surveys carried out by IRPI-Cosenza staff in the most affected placed.
The storm mainly damaged tourist and commercial structures. About 5 million euros of damage were estimated to cultivated fields, especially to the typical “Tropea onion”, cultivated between Lamezia Terme and Campora San Giovanni

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Autors: Angela Aurora Pasqua, Claudia Bruno, Salvatore Guardia, Enzo Valente, Olga Petrucci


Marco Cavalli at the UACh – Valdivia (Chile)


From 17 to 27 April 2018, the IRPI researcher Marco Cavalli was hosted at the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh), with which IRPI has signed a MoU, as part of the bilateral project Italy-Chile CONICYT / ITAL170004 “Volcanic eruption vs. human impact: a comparative analysis between natural and artificial morphological changes along gravel bed rivers in Chile and Italy. Learning from different impacts to better manage the affected riverine environments”.

The project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of Chile (CONICYT), intends to study the morphological evolution of channels in basins affected by volcanic eruptions and anthropic impacts for a better understanding of sediment transport processes and related risk management.

The activity, carried out in collaboration with Prof. Andrés Iroumé of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Natural Resources (UACh), Prof. Bruno Mazzorana of the Faculty of Sciences (UACh) and Dr. Lorenzo Picco of the University of Padua, conisted in field surveys in Chilean basins affected by volcanic eruptions and undergoing monitoring activities, and meetings aimed at planning joint research lines for the study of sediment dynamics through the application of geomorphometric techniques.

During the visit, Marco Cavalli held a seminar in the postgraduate course in Geomorfologia Fluvial Avanzada – CITI308 – curriculum of “Magister en Ciencias – Mencion Recursos Hidricos”.

An article containing an interview with Marco Cavalli has been published on the UACh website and can be viewed at the following link:

L’IRPI a Foligno alla Festa della Scienza e Filosofia


In occasione dell’ VIII Festa della Scienza e Filosofia, che si sta tenendo a Foligno, nella giornata di domani – sabato 28 aprile – alcuni rappresentanti dell’Istituto di Ricerca per la Protezione Idrogeologica saranno presenti presso lo stand del CNR, sito nel chiostro di Palazzo Trinci.



An IRPI paper among the top 100 read Earth sciences papers for Scientific Reports in 2017


The Research article ‘Distributed optical fibre sensing for early detection of shallow landslides triggering’ authored by Luca Schenato and Alessandro Pasuto from IRPI Padova and co-workers from the University of Padova, has been selected as one of the top 100 read Earth sciences papers for Scientific Reports in 2017. As specified in the honor communication, “Scientific Reports published more than 1500 Earth sciences papers in 2017, and so a position in the top 100 most highly read articles is an extraordinary achievement – your science is of real value to the research community.”

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IGCP Project 639 “Sea Level Change from Minutes to Millennia”


The 3rd Annual Meeting of IGCP 639 will be heald on 16-23 September 2018. The meeting comprises two days of scientific communications in Taranto and four days field trip crossing Southern Italy from the Ionian to Tyrrhenian sea and Sicily, visiting some interesting sites relating sea level changhes in the last millennia. The topics of the meeting include the impact of sea level changes on the coastal geomorphological systems.

The professor. Laronne will be a guest at IRPI in a month


Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, Jonathan B. Laronne, professor emeritus of the Department of Geography and Environmental Development of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Israel, will be visiting our Institute.

Professor. Laronne will give a talk entitled “Automatic and continuous monitoring of bedload in gravel bed streams“.

The presentation will be held from 11:00 to 12:00, in the Institute’s lecture hall, in Via della Madonna Alta 126.

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Tre nuovi ingressi nel gruppo di geomorfologia all’IRPI di Perugia


Nella giornata di ieri hanno preso servizio presso il nostro Istituto 2 borsiste Margherita Agostini e Margherita Rocchetti, e un assegnista Giuseppe Esposito. Lavoreranno per un periodo di tempo ai progetti SAPERE – Space Advanced Project for Excellence in Research and Enterprise – e STRESS – Strategies, Tools and new data for REsilient Smart Societies” – finanziato dalla Fondazione CARIPLO, per la tematica “Definizione e implementazione di una procedura, basata sulla raccolta e processamento di immagini satellitari, finalizzata alla individuazione di frane di evento e all’aggiornamento di inventari
di frana”. Notevole è l’impegno di tutto il personale IRPI nella partecipazione a progetti nazionali ed internazionali volti anche a promuovere nuove possibilità lavorative e formative.



IRPI participates to the Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between CNR and University of Malta


The Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection is in one of the 4 Research Projects funded under the Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between CNR and the University of Malta (UoM) – Biennial Programme 2018/2019. The Project title is “From population risk perception to social vulnerability in coastal areas subject to climate change: a proposal for risk management strategies in two Mediterranean regions”. Loredana Antronico, Researcher of the IRPI Cosenza office (, is the scientific responsible for the Italian group.

The principal objectives of the Project  can be summarised in the following items: i) Identification of the population’s awareness, perception and preparation concerning the effects that climate change has on the environment and especially on coastal areas, by means of online questionnaires; ii) Proposal of a specific Index of Social Vulnerability, to be evaluated through the results of the online survey, as reducing/increasing factor of the exposure and the vulnerability of population living in coastal areas; iii) Proposing useful tools to local authorities and to responsible of territory planning and of risk prevision, prevention and management.

L’IRPI ha partecipato all’International Conference Sustainable Technologies for Intelligent Water Management


L’IRPI ha partecipato all’International Conference Sustainable Technologies for Intelligent Water Management ( con una keynote di Tommaso Moramarco su “Ground and Satellite Observations for Hydrological Applications”. Roorkee. Febbraio 16-19. Successivamente, a New Delhi dal 20 al 22 Febbraio, l’IRPI insieme a USGS e Centre for Ecology & Hydrology UK ha partecipato al Workshop: “Training-Cum-Workshop on State-of-the-Art Hydrometric Data Acquisition and transmission Networks: Measurements and Modelling” promosso dal National Hydrology Project e dalla Banca Mondiale. In tale contesto Tommaso Moramarco ha tenuto 3 ore di seminario sulle tecniche avanzate al suolo e da satellite per il monitoraggio della portata. Il Workshop è organizzato nell’ambito di una proposta progettuale per il ri-ammodernamento della rete idrometrica indiana supportato dalla Banca Mondiale e promosso dal National Hydrology Project con il contributo dell’Indian Central Water Commission e Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. L’IRPI insieme a CEH-UK e USGS è stato individuato come un possibile partner scientifico del progetto.

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John Laronne visits our headquarter


On April 3rd, 2018, Prof. John Laronne, Department of Geography and Environmental Development, Ben-Gurion University, Israel, visits our headquarter, in Perugia. On this occasion, Prof. Laronne will deliver a presentation on the main results of his research work.

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