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Semi-Automatic System For Backward Determination Of Landslide Soil Parameters

Physically-based assessment of the effects of climate change on landslide hazards in Central Italy

Landslide event inventory maps from satellite imagery with an automatic, topography-driven algorithm

A Practical Workflow for an Open Scientific Lifecycle Project_ EcoNAOS

The Role of Water-Rock Interaction Processes in Soil Formation_ Geochemical, Mineralogical, Geomorphological, and Engineering-Geological Aspects

Assessment of sediment connectivity in a Mediterranean catchment under different spatial scales and by using distinct approaches

Application of the Index of Connectivity in a Chilean catchment affected by volcanic eruption

Sediment Connectivity Index changes in an Andean catchment affected by two subsequent wildfires. Analysing the forest cover changes to improve the IC calculation.

Trends in extreme precipitation for the alert areas of Calabria (southern Italy) using observation-validated satellite data

Validation of gridded observational and modelled rainfall data in Calabria (southern Italy)

Integrated approach for the development across Europe of user oriented climate indicators for GFCS high-priority sectors_ agriculture, disaster risk reduction, energy, health, water and tourism (INDECIS)

Social Perception of Geo-Hydrological Risk in the Context of Urban Disaster Risk Reduction_ A Comparison between Experts and Population in an Area of Southern Italy

The role of the hydrogeological and anthropogenic factors on the environmental equilibrium of the Ugento Wetland (Southern Italy)

A hydrogeological study to support the optimized management of the main sea level aquifer of the island of Malta

Sentinel-1 SAR Amplitude Imagery for Rapid Landslide Detection

Groundwater resources at salinisation risk_ effects of climate and utilisation changes in the case of Apulian coastal aquifers (Southeastern Italy)

Heavy Rainfall Triggering Shallow Landslides_ A Susceptibility Assessment by a GIS-Approach in a Ligurian Apennine Catchment (Italy)

Channel control works and sediment connectivity in the European Alps

12 Marzo 1989_ oggi nacque il WWW

Debris flows in northeastern Italy_ data collection and approaches for a preliminary debris-flow characterization at the regional scale

Antropocene e Geoetica_ il caso-studio sulla percezione del rischio idrogeologico in Calabria (Italia)

Freeze-thaw cycles in the rocks of the Bessanese experimental site (Western Alps, Italy)

Frane e inondazioni_ aumenta il rischio geo-idrologico in Italia

Editorial to the topical collection “Learning from spatial data_ unveiling the geo-environment through quantitative approaches”

Mapping flood-related mortality in the Mediterranean basin. Results from the MEFF DB

Ghiacciai: spietati indicatori del cambiamento climatico

Report Semestrale del WP8- Definizioni di Procedure Metodologiche per l’analisi dell’instabilità costiera

Relazione Metodologica Preliminare per l’Analisi dell’instabilità costiera nella Regione Pugliese – ID : D08-02

Gli ipogei in Puglia tra conservazione e innovazione

Revealing minijet dynamics via centrality dependence of the double parton interactions in proton-nucleus interactions

Sediment Connectivity in Proglacial Areas

The effects of land use and topographic changes on sediment connectivity in mountain catchments

Little Ice Age glacial systems and related natural instability processes in the Orco Valley (North-Western Italy)

Analysis of lateral sediment connectivity and its connection to debris flow intensity patterns at different return periods in the Fella River system in northeastern Italy

Rapid prediction of magintude-scale of landslide events triggered by an earthquake

Landslide inventory and main geomorphological features affecting slope stability in the Picentino river basin (Campania, southern Italy).

Debris-flow volumes in northeastern Italy_ Relationship with drainage area and size probability

Neutron skin effect in W+ and W- production in high-energy proton-lead collisions

Alpine gullies system evolution_ erosion drivers and control factors. Two examples from the western Italian Alps

Geomorphic effectiveness of check dams in a debris-flow catchment using multi-temporal topographic surveys

High-resolution morphologic characterization of conservation agriculture

Brief communication_ Remotely piloted aircraft systems for rapid emergency response_ road exposure to rockfall in Villanova di Accumoli (Central Italy)

A combined stochastic analysis of mean daily temperature and diurnal temperature range

Toward Global Soil Moisture Monitoring With Sentinel-1: Harnessing Assets and Overcoming Obstacles

Daily River Discharge Estimates by Merging Satellite Optical Sensors and Radar Altimetry Through Artificial Neural Network

Understanding the global hydrological droughts of 2003-2016 and their relationships with teleconnections

Toward and assessment of climate change impact of landslide occurrence in Central Italy through physically-based approaches

Detection and analysis of drought events in Calabria (southern Italy)

Monitoraggio della galleria di San Lorenzo in rapporto ai movimenti franosi esterni nel periodo dal 01 marzo 2017 al 30 agosto 2018

Relazione Finale_ 2015-2018, convenzione Protezione Civile Friuli Venezia Giulia – CNR-IRPI per lo studio dei fenomeni di dissesto in località Passo della Morte (Forni di Sotto – UD)

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