Special Issue “Atmospheric Rivers from Modeling and Remote Sensing”

This Special Issue aims to improve the current knowledge of atmospheric rivers (ARs) through the publication of groundbreaking papers that focus on innovative and original approaches to that research. From first pioneering studies, the interest of the scientific community progressively grew, as demonstrated by several funded projects on this subject, many field and numerical experiments, and the large number of scientific publications. However, despite this improvement in the knowledge of ARs in terms of their dynamics, evolution, and impact on the precipitation rate, several scientific questions remain unexplored. An example is an evaluation of the effects of AR-forced rainfall on small–medium-sized hydrological basins.

Submitted articles may address, but are not limited to, the following scientific topics:

  • Impact of ARs on heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall and associated floods over the midlatitude areas.
  • Changes in the hydrological response of complex terrain due to Ars.
  • A special focus on the Mediterranean basin: the features, occurrence, seasonality, and effects of ARs in this complex domain.
  • AR-related storms in the contest of climate change.
  • ARs as a key operational product for nowcasting applications and flood risk management.


Guest Editors

Dr. Sante Laviola (CNR-ISAC), Dr. Francesco Chiaravalloti (CNR-IRPI), Dr. Annalina Lombardi (CETEMPS), Dr. Barbara Tomassetti (CETEMPS).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 March 2023.

Further details can be found at the Special Issue web page