The importance of a correct landslide monitoring network results dissemination: the case study of Mont de La Saxe landslide (Courmayeur municipality, North West of Italy)

Thanks to the technological advance in the last decades, the monitoring systems of landslides have gradually acquired greater importance not only during the phase of improvement of knowledge of the phenomenon but also during emergency condition related to a possible collapse of the unstable area.

The technological evolution also increased the number of complex systems, which however are often characterized by a poor mutual compatibility. Another critical issue is the limited attention of the developers of the monitoring system for the dissemination of the results. In fact, the monitoring systems are often very complex systems dedicated exclusively to professionals with a proper background. However, this approach may not be adequate during the management of an emergency, when the sharing of information among the involved groups (from administrators to the population) is essential. A correct dissemination of monitoring data is also very important to improve the knowledge of the risk and to define a relationship of trust and cooperation among different stakeholders. Based on the experience in the management of emergency situations, the Geohazard Monitoring Group (GMG) has developed a communication strategy focused on the use of dedicated web pages (updated in near real time) and periodically bulletin which are able to share the landslide monitoring results. The web pages have been developed to support the landslide emergency management team, whereas bulletins have been developed to be very simple and user friendly.

The most representative product, developed with a team of graphic designers and communication experts, is the report updated monthly by GMG of CNR IRPI for the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta, who adopted it to share the last results of the Mont de La Saxe landslide monitoring network (Municipality of Courmayeur – AO).

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For further information: D. Giordan, A. Manconi, P. Allasia, and D. Bertolo. Brief Communication: On the rapid and efficient monitoring results dissemination in landslide emergency scenarios: the Mont de La Saxe case study Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 15, 2009-2017, 2015