MAppERS (Mobile Application for Emergency Response and Support) is a EU project funded under programme 2013-2015 Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, ECHO A5. The project dealt with the capacity of human sensors towards smartphone application (SA) in the context of prevention and crisis support for natural hazards. Actors of civil protection and the crowdsourcing create local and context-specific strategies of surveillance and territorial management.

The development proceeded for Android 4.0 onwards. The Web Application includes a Cloud Architecture, a Relational Data Base and Web services, integrated with a Cloud Notification SDK to send push notification (SMS, Emails and phone calls). The bug-fixing and training have been set during piloting and the crowdsource becomes a continuous source of development, testing and updating of each smartphone components.
MAppERS-C proposes a Personal Flood Plan toolkit. Users are voluntary registered citizens, able to create their own set of prevention measures and to share geo-located information during critical step before flooding events. MAppERS-V is a Danger Survey toolkit for rescue crew, able to collect and organize real-time and standardized information for damages during crisis.

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