Il CNR IRPI ha partecipato alla 24ma edizione del congresso internazionale sulle fibre ottiche

The CNR IRPI attended the 24th International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors OFS2015, held in Curitiba (Brazil) the last 28th September- 2nd October, 2015 ( The conference is acknowledged as the world’s leading conference on all topics related to photonic sensing technologies and “provides a vibrant forum for reporting the latest advances in fibre-optic and photonic sensing technologies and related devices, as well as it has fostered the exchange of knowledge and ideas within the research and industrial communities”. Luca Schenato from CNR IRPI presented a poster about an optical fiber sensor for temperature and pressure measurement to the aim of embankment monitoring developed with the University of Padova and a low cost optical fiber sensing system for crack monitoring in concrete structures developed with Avago Technologies fibre GmbH.