Experimental Hydrological Database for Apennine Basins



The main activities of the project, developed in the context of the program Nextdata funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), are:

  • collection, organization and analysis of the available hydro-meteorological and climate data for the characterization of the meteo-climate evolution in Apennine mountain areas;
  • extensive experimental campaigns for soil moisture monitoring in hillslope portions and streamflow measurements in river sites.

Two pilot areas have been selected: 1) Upper Chiascio River Basin, inland area located in the Umbria region territory; 2) Magra River basin, located between Liguria and Tuscany region.


The overall aim of the project is to provide hydrological-meteorological data series and outcomes of the field campaigns and gather them into a geo-database following common specifications in accordance with the standard of NextData.