Floods in the Mediterranean area_ The role of soil moisture and precipitation

Regional Approaches in Forecasting Rainfall-Induced Landslides

Evaluating the terrain susceptibility to mass movements

Close-Range Sensing of Alpine Glaciers

The Use of a Robotized Inclinometer System to Measure Deep-Seated Ground Deformation in a Monumental Area During TBM Tunnel Excavations. The Case of Rome Subway, New Line C

Recent advances in remote sensing of precipitation and soil moisture products for riverine flood prediction

Factors Affecting Gully-Head Activity in a Hilly Area Under a Semiarid Climate in Iran

Soil moisture and precipitation_ The SM2RAIN algorithm for rainfall retrieval from satellite soil moisture

Monitoring an Alpine glacier through Ground Based SAR Interferometry_ a case study

The Role of Rainfall and Land Use

TXT-tool 1.039-1.1: Very-High Resolution Stereo Satellite Images for Landslide Mapping

Global-Scale Evaluation of 22 Precipitation Datasets Using Gauge Observations and Hydrological Modeling

TXT-tool 3.039-1.1 Landslide-Related WPS Services

Advances in Rainfall Thresholds for Landslide Triggering in Italy

The use of airborne lidar data in basin-fan system monitoring_ an example from southern Calabria (Italy)

Monitoring the stability of infrastructures in an emergency scenario_ The “Costa Concordia” vessel wreck

Multitemporal Study of the San Martino Sulla Marrucina Landslide (Central Italy)

Landslide 3D Surface Deformation Model Obtained Via RTS Measurements

Landslide monitoring systems based on new instrumentation for the detection of topographic and deep displacement

Extreme Rainfall and Flooding from the Vaia Storm of October 27-30, 2018 in North-Eastern Italy

Objective Analysis of Envelope Curves for Peak Floods of European and Mediterranean Flash Floods

Contemporaneity of floods and storms. A case study of Metropolitan Area of Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy

8a Riunione Annuale del Gruppo GIT “Geology and Information Technology”

The Relevance of Early-Warning Systems and Evacuation Plans for Risk Management

Flash floods risk variation of steep drainage basins in Calabria (Italy) and the role of rainfall and anthropogenic modifications since 1800

Identification of rainfall triggering damaging hydrogeological events_ a methodological approach applied to Calabria (Italy)

Historical Climatology of Storm Events in the Mediterranean_ A Case Study of Damaging Hydrological Events in Calabria, Southern Italy

Rainfall-Related Phenomena along a road sector in Calabria (Southern Italy).

Impact of Disasters in Mediterranean Regions_ An Overview in the Framework of the HYMEX Project


Eventi Idrogeologici Dannosi in Calabria nel periodo 1981-1990

Damaging Hydro-Geological Events_ Definitions, Methods and Case Studies

Tectonically induced base-level change in the Quaternary revealed by alluvial fan shifts and rivers re-organization. A case study in the Northern Apennines of Italy


Deciphering sediment dynamics in a debris-flow catchment_ insights from instrumental monitoring and high-resolution topography

Geographies of the Anthropocene_ Geoethics and Disaster Risk Reduction Tools Applied to Mediterranean Case Studies

Sediment Connectivity in Proglacial Areas

Rischi naturali_ l’urgenza di una scienza nuova

IGCP Project 639 ” Sea level from Minutes to Millennia” Crossing Southern Italy_ a travelling meeting from Taranto to Siracusa.

I ghiacciai del Monte Rosa, la “montagna di cristallo”. Il Ghiacciaio del Lys

Monviso, Re di pietra. I ghiacciai che hanno visto nascere il Club Alpino Italiano

Il Ghiacciaio del Rutor e i suoi laghi. Un patrimonio ambientale, una convivenza difficile

Il Miage, il ghiacciaio “himalayano” delle Alpi e gli altri ghiacciai della Val Veny

Pericolosità naturale in ambiente glaciale e periglaciale_ passato, presente e futuro delle Alpi

Ai piedi della parete più alta delle Alpi. Il Ghiacciaio del Belvedere al Monte Rosa

Sensori in fibra ottica per la gestione del rischio idrogeologico

TXT-tool 2.039-1.2 Rainfall Thresholds for the Possible Initiation of Landslides in the Italian Alps

TXT-tool 2.039-1.3 Topographic and Pedological Rainfall Thresholds for the Prediction of Shallow Landslides in Central Italy

TXT-tool 4.039-1.1 Definition and Use of Empirical Rainfall Thresholds for Possible Landslide Occurrence

TXT-tool 2.039-1.5 An Algorithm for the Objective Reconstruction of Rainfall Events Responsible for Landslides