TXT-tool 3.039-1.1 Landslide-Related WPS Services

Ivan Marchesini, Massimiliano Alvioli, Mauro Rossi, 2018, TXT-tool 3.039-1.1 Landslide-Related WPS Services, Testing, Risk Management and Country Practices, edited by Sassa, Kyoji; Tiwari, Binod; Liu, Ko-Fei; McSaveney, Mauri; Strom, Alexander; Setiawan, Hendy, pp. 435–443. Kyoto_ Kyoji Sassa editor, 2018,
URL: http://www.cnr.it/prodotto/i/383453

Researchers have developed and implemented software tools for a number of geospatial algorithms to support the analysis of the slope movements at different spatial scales. Frequently, these tools are implemented using Open Source software and are based on specific combinations of software libraries, programming languages and operating systems. This often limits the portability of these tools and hampers their sharing with a large community of potential users. To overcome these limitations, some researchers have started to make available their software tools through the Web Processing Service standard. This work introduces the reader to the WPS usage and explains how to take advantage of some existing WPS processes dealing with landslide size probability, bedding attitude estimation, morpho-structural domain definition, slope-units delineation.

Data from https://intranet.cnr.it/people/