Landslide 3D Surface Deformation Model Obtained Via RTS Measurements

Andrea Manconi, Paolo Allasia, Daniele Giordan, Marco Baldo, Giorgio Lollino, Angelo Corazza, Vincenzo Albanese, 2013, Landslide 3D Surface Deformation Model Obtained Via RTS Measurements, Landslide Science and Practice, pp. 431–436. Berlin Heidelberg_ Springer-Verlag, 2013,

We present a new procedure that allows retrieving in near-real-time 3D surface deformation models starting from data acquired via Robotized Total Stations (RTS). The RTS measurements are first pre-processed and then implemented on 3D maps that include vector arrows representative of the intensities and of the real directions of motion in a given system of coordinates. The 3D surface deformation models are finally overlain on a DTM and/or on an updated picture of the monitored area. We discuss an example of application to an active large-scale landslide located in the area of Montaguto (southern Italy, ca. 100 km northeast from Naples). In this complex landslide scenario, the use of 3D representations of the surface deformation simplified the understanding of the evolution of the landslide phenomenon and received positive feedbacks from operators of the Italian Civil Protection Department

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