Study and monitoring of the Rotolon landslide


At the beginning of  November 2010 exceptional rainfall events stroke the Veneto Region causing the re-activation of the Rotolon landslide which is a serious threat to the town of  Recoaro Terme, Vicenza, Italy.


  • Landslide investigation,
  • design and implementation of a monitoring system, geotechnical and topographical,
  • modelling,
  • decision support in case of emergency.


  • collection and analysis of previous data
  • implementation and management of a database
  • stability analysis and modeling of the landslide
  • implementation of a web portal for the management and visualization of the measurements
  • geotechnical and topographical monitoring
  • service for support decisions in case of emergency


An early-warning system was realized in the Rotolon catchment in order to mitigate the landslide risk. It consists of three components: a warning system, a monitoring system and a decision support system.


In the project framework a web-based platform for automatic and continuous landslide monitoring was implemented and several papers on peer-reviewed international journals were produced.


The implementation of  the early-warning system strongly reduced the risk in the study area providing also relevant information for the modelling of the landslide dynamic and for the definition of the triggering factors.