Space advanced project for excellence in research and enterprise



The project SAPERE is an Industrial Research oriented project (PON and FAR funds) focused on promoting the competitiveness of the National Aerospace Technology Cluster. The participants to the project include 8 private firms of the Cluster (industrial component), with Thales Alenia Space Italia being the leader, as well as academic (University) and research (CNR-National Research Council) institutions.


The “SAPERE SAFE” project, regarding “Space technologies for emergency management” has as its primary purpose the improvement of Italian industrial capability in implementing Earth Observation systems based on small satellites with SAR and/or optical sensors, for an efficient and fast support to emergency management.


State of the art analysis of sensors for satellite-based remote sensing and their applications to risk management; definition of possible technological advancements and evaluation of impacts of their application.


Overview of the use of satellite remote sensing data in the context of risk management and definition of the characteristics of the new generation satellite sensors (SAR and optical); assessment of the impact of their application in risk management cycle.


Reports and technical documents