Siccità E Cambiamenti cLImatici



SECLI Project is aimed to assess the combined effects of processes related to natural and anthropogenic climate change on water resources, both surface and groundwater, in the Umbrian territory, identifying the possible consequences of such effects on drinking water policy, and on how these may affect the existing system of withdrawals and adductions.


The main objective of the project is to propose a methodology to identify critical points of the Umbria region connected to the effects of climate change on water resources in the last 50 years (increases in temperature, rainfall changes, etc.) and those expected in the future. This will identify strategies to improve the monitoring, prevention, mitigation with a view to optimal utilization of the resource.


The methodology was developed in four integrated phases:

  • knowledge of the regional climate;
  • variability of hydro-meteorological conditions occurred and predictable;
  • hydrological plausible scenarios in terms of precipitation and runoff;
  • effects of these scenarios on the hydrological balance and therefore the use of surface and underground water resources, in terms of quality and quantity.


The project analysis contributed to identify possible solutions to adapt the system to scenarios of climate impact, thus ensuring the rational use of water resources within the Umbria region territory.


Hydro-meteorological database.