Sentinels for the Territory


The knowledge of the geo-hydrological hazard of a territory and of the risk conditions for people, are essential for the implementation of civil protection activities. The monitoring activity by personnel, voluntary or not, is a strategic resource for all phases of civil protection.


The project is aimed at updating the basic territorial knowledges, preliminary to the estimation of the hazard and the geo-hydrological risk, and to the creation of landslide susceptibility models for the municipal territory. The creation/implementation of smartphone apps is also planned for the collection and management of spatial data.


Three different landslide susceptibility maps (slide type, rock-fall type and debris-flow) were combined to define a single susceptibility map. In addition, specific forms were designed for the collection of data related to the municipal building that were then implemented in applications for smartphones, Android and IOS.


The results of the project are: (i) a pixel-based composite susceptibility map that represents the susceptibility count models, developed for the different landslide types (slide, rock falls and debris flows) in the area; (ii) a database of the characteristics of the building that will allow to assess the vulnerability of the building itself to the various types of geo-hydrological hazards.


The project will provide multiple products consisting of papers, research reports, models and data-bases.