Valutazione del rischio idraulico finalizzata alla individuazione di interventi di mitigazione per la ricostruzione post-sisma

Supporto scientifico, tecnico e strategico in merito alla definizione di dettaglio, ubicazione e progettazione di interventi di mitigazione del rischio idrogeologico nel territorio dei comuni di Castelsantangelo, Ussita e Visso interessati dagli eventi sismici verificatisi a partire dal 24 agosto 2016. (RIMA)


The seismic events that have affected central Italy since 24 August 2016 have caused extensive damage in the municipalities of Castelsantagelo sul Nera, Ussita and Visso (Marche Region). In order to proceed with the reconstruction, it is necessary to carry out interventions to reduce the hydraulic risk in urban areas.


The project aims to define the hydrological-hydraulic response of the watersheds in order to identify the most suitable and effective mitigation measures.


The analysis of the hydrological-hydraulic processes in the areas of interest will be carried out by using rainfall-runoff modeling and hydraulic models for simulating the flood wave propagation.


Delineation of flooding areas for different return periods and evaluation of the mitigation effect of different mitigation measures.


Flooding hazard maps for the selected areas.


Based on the results of the hydrologic-hydraulic study, the effects of the potential structural mitigation measures along the river network of interest, for return periods equal to 50, 200 and 500 years, will be evaluated in order to identified the ones to be realized for starting the reconstruction of the urban areas.