Earth observation and climate change

Innovative Earth Observation technologies to study Climate Change and its impact on the environment (OT4CLIMA)


The OT4CLIMA project moves from the awareness that the impacts of climate change on the environment need to be better observed, understood, and modelled, especially at the local and regional scale, in order to put in place appropriate and effective risk mitigation strategies.


OT4CLIMA aims at developing advanced Earth Observation technologies and methods for implementing innovative products and services based on an efficient use of data acquired from satellite and their integration with in situ observations, capable of responding to the major social challenges posed by climate change and the resulting increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme events, in order to contribute to improve the environment safety.


Both impacts with medium to long-term effects and extreme events with rapid evolutionary dynamics are evaluated. Short and long-term analysis are performed through a dual technological innovation with original product and process. They concern: i) studies aimed at the design and implementation of advanced sensors, to be allocated on multi-platform RS systems, capable of to observe and measure parameters of particular climatic-environmental interest; ii) development of innovative methodologies of analysis, interpretation, integration and merging of EO data. Activities are focused on a regional scale.


Expected results concern the development of innovative applications, products and services to support users working on environmental monitoring and planning. Specific results will be new algorithms for the analysis, interpretation, integration and merging of earth observation data.


The development of integrated methodologies for the full exploitation of Earth Observation Data as well as of innovative technology solutions will provide a better assessment of the impact of climate change on environment and the development of effective responses to the related risk scenarios. Moreover, the project will strengthen the scientific community by promoting the development of innovative applications and products in response to the major social challenges of climate change.