Modelling for real-time flood forecasting

Continuos rainfall-runoff and routing modelling for real-time flood forecasting


The project activities concern:

  1. development and implementation of: 1) a semi-distributed continuous hydrological model (MISDc) for real-time soil moisture estimate and river discharge prediction in the Upper-Middle Tiber River basin; 2) a flood wave routing model (STAFOM-RCM) for stage hydrograph forecasting at some selected hydrometric stations in the Tiber River basin;
  2. support for installation of soil moisture sensors in the Upper-Middle Tiber River basin;
  3. analysis of surface flow velocity data, also derived through no-contact techniques, for river discharge estimation;
  4. organization and homogenization of information on river crossing structures in the Upper-Middle Tiber basin.


  1. Operational implementation of MISDc and STAFOM-RCM models on the web platform of the Umbria Region Functional Centre (CFD-RU) as operative tools to support hydraulic risk management in real-time;
  2. installation of soil moisture sensors in the Upper-Middle Tiber basin for continuous monitoring of wetness condition to correctly address flood forecasting.
  3. analysis and elaboration of surface flow velocity data derived from radar sensor at Monte Molino station through the entropy approach;
  4. development of a database collecting all the available information on the river crossings in the Upper-Middle Tiber river basin.