ITALGAS service

Experimental tests and comparative assessments useful for verifying the conformity of the gas distribution network in selected sections of the Italian territory


ITALGAS requires a certification attesting the conformity of the backfill material used for its distribution network


The activities include the implementation of particle size analysis on samples of sandy and gravelly material, through the use of sieves. The material to be analysed comes from excavations carried out on the gas distribution network.


Particle size analyses are carried out on soil samples using an electromechanical sieve and the following sieves
ISO sieve (BS,NF,DIN) ap.63mm DN300 lam. perf.
ISO sieve (BS,NF,DIN) ap.31,5mm DN300 lam. perf.
ISO sieve (BS,NF,DIN) ap.16mm DN300 perfect lam.
ISO sieve (BS,NF,DIN) ap.8mm DN300 perfect lam.
ISO sieve (BS,NF,DIN) ap.6.3mm DN300 lam. perf.
ISO sieve (BS,NF,DIN) ap.4mm DN300 lam. perf.
ISO sieve (BS,UNI,NF,DIN) 2,0mm DN300
ISO sieve(BS,UNI,NF,DIN) 1,0mm DN300
ISO sieve (BS,UNI,NF,DIN) 500 micr. DN300
ISO sieve (BS,UNI,NF,DIN) 250 micr. DN300
ISO(BS,UNI,NF,DIN) 125 micr. sieve DN300
ISO(BS,UNI) 75 micr. sieve DN300
ISO(NF,DIN) 100mm sieve DN450

Macroscopic descriptions of the soils and their classification are also carried out.

The methodologies used include:
1) the execution of the sieving of the material according to a standard procedure
2) the realization of the granulometric curve of the material
3) Expert macroscopic description of the material

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IRPI laboratories have processed more than 2000 samples by mechanical sieving


More than 1000 certificates for mechanically sieved samples have been produced.


The project is ongoing