Gestione delle Monografie Operative relative ai grandi fenomeni franosi inseriti nella rete di monitoraggio della regione autonoma Valle d’Aosta


The Aosta Valley is a small alpine region affected by numerous landslides, varying in size and type, ranging from isolated rock falls to rotational/translational slides up to extensive deep landslides. The study of such landslides, functional to a more effective risk management and to guarantee adequate safety standards, represents a primary necessity for a mountain territory like this one.


The present study represents an update of the activity carried out in 2016 for the “Assessorato Opere Pubbliche” of the Aosta Valley Region, with the development of the Operative Monographies for five landslides included in the regional monitoring network, followed in real time for several years now. The main aim of the project is the updating of the above mentioned Operative Monographies, documents with a univocal structure and functional to the management of the monitoring data over time and of all the information acquired in the various study activities carried out by the Aosta Valley Region.


The updating of the Operative Monographies of the Becca di Nona, Bosmatto, Chervaz, Vollein and Citrin landslides is divided into two phases: i) updating of the historical ground deformation time series of each instrument installed on the investigated landslides and integration of the time series of any instruments installed ex-novo; ii) updating of the data related to new geological-geomorphological-geotechnical technical studies and/or modelling in-depth study carried out after 2016.


The drafting of Operative Monographies for the five landslides included in the regional monitoring network of Aosta Valley provides a concise and effective technical tool for regional authorities and technicians, providing a complete update of knowledge over time and for the identification of any existing criticalities associated with specific operational proposals.


The project led to the drafting of five Operative Monographiess related to the landslides of Becca di Nona, Bosmatto, Chervaz, Vollein and Citrin, which are part of the regional monitoring network.


The development and the update of the Operative Monographies of each landslide of the regional monitoring network represents a method for a dynamic management of knowledges of an active phenomenon of a regional monitoring network.