Decision matrices for the assessment of fluvial processes in mountain streams

Decision matrices for fluvial processes


Decision matrices may contribute to mountain watershed management by defining coherent event scenarios that take into account the type of flow processes (e.g., water floods with bedload, debris flows), their geomorphic effects, and the interactions with hydraulic control works.


The aim of this work was to revise and improve decision matrices developed for the assessment of event scenarios in the streams of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.


Study methods included a review of the existing literature, revision of previously existing decision matrices and field checks of the performance of new decision matrices.


A revised decision matrix for the assessment of event scenarios in alpine streams was set up, and a new decision matrix focusing on entrainment and transport of large wood was developed.


A technical report summarizes the results of the study; spreadsheets of the decision matrices have been prepared.


Decision matrices may contribute defining event scenarios for fluvial processes in mountainous streams. Their user by practitioners requires that they are simple and supported by clear documentation. This project has been intended contribute to these requirements.