Geothermal Atlas of Southern Italy Project


The Geothermal Atlas project is aimed at the characterization, classification and mapping of geothermal resources, conventional and unconventional types, for the production of electricity in the regions of Southern Italy. It also provides training and information stretched to increase the skills of the industry and the public’s knowledge about the various aspects of geothermal energy, especially the unconventional, in order to promote the knowledge, the use and acceptability.



  • Contribution to define the geothermal energy resources in the Regional Energy Plans;
  • Identification of areas located within Southern Italy for the exploitation of new geothermal methodologies currently in development;
  • Organisation of all the geothermal data which are currently split;
  • Realisation of information desks supporting the regional energy policy;
  • A better understanding of the major environmental risks associated with the construction of geothermal plants, contributing so to the definition of guidelines and regulations for the minimization of potential environmental impacts;
  • Information, promotion and training in the geothermal field.


In order to identify the geothermal areas located in the regions of the Southern Italy, the previous data, available at the CNR institutions and in the literature (structural-geological, geochemical, petrographic, hydrogeological, deep thermal data, conditions of strain and stress in the deep zones etc.) are synthetized, including also the data coming from the volcanic areas. An analysis of these data will then be able to define the geological systems, the hydrothermal and hydrogeological settings of the studied regions, which are the fundamental elements for the construction of the Geothermal Atlas of the the southern regions. At the same time, it will prepare databases and geographic information systems including all the surface and subsurface data, available for a sustainable management of geothermal energy. The knowledge gained are disseminated through training and information activities.


  • Creation of a Geothermal Atlas for the regions of Southern Italy implementing the conventional and unconventional geothermal resources, able to produce geothermal energy useful for conversion into electricity and heat co-production.
  • Updated database and geothermal information desk related to the regions of the South.
  • A detailed analysis of the environmental parameters and definition of criteria for sustainable management and maintenance of the resources.
  • Informative, professional courses, thesaurus


The project represents a first level of geothermal data systematization through an updated atlas of geothermal resources of the southern regions, which are important for the economy and sustainable development of the regions, together with the exploitation of unconventional geothermal resources.