Analisi di rischio di flusso della rete di monitoraggio delle frane della regione Lombardia


Geological-geotechnical monitoring systems are one of the most effective tools for landslide characterization, both in terms of landslide detection and for monitoring purposes. The regional monitoring network of Regione Lombardia represents an exemplary case in Italy, with as many as 44 landslides monitored, of which more than half in real time.
The management of monitoring networks and early warning systems represents a complex component, in which several variables must be considered. The definition of a risk model related to the different operational phases and risk assessment represents a central issue for a more effective implementation of Civil Protection plans.


The agreement stipulated within the 2020 audit project of ARPA Lombardia has as main objective the study of a flow risk analysis, functional to the identification of the critical issues that can be generated in the management of such a complex and articulated technological network.


Operating through a revision of the monitoring network activities of ARPA Lombardia, defined according to the various internal disciplinary documents, the project foresees the constitution of a risk model, functional to the drafting of a questionnaire dedicated to the different figures involved and to the evaluation of the risk related to the various work phases.


The project aims to identify the most critical operative aspects of the current management procedures of one of the most developed and extensive landslide monitoring networks in Italy, in order to provide a valid support for a more effective management of the early warning procedures