Laboratory of Geomechanics



Laboratory for the measurement of the main physical and mechanical properties of soft rocks and soils.

Methods and technologies

The following laboratory tests can be performed:
  • Grain size tests for soils and measurement of the main physical properties of rocks and soils;
  • Uniaxial compression tests, indirect tension (Brazilian) tests and flexural strength tests on soft;
  • Rocks by using a load-controlled or displacement-controlled automatized press, that also permits cyclic loading tests;
  • Oedometer tests and direct shear tests on soil samples.


Measurement of the following physical-mechanical properties:
  • Unit weight, water content, grain size, index properties of soils, porosity of soft rocks;
  • Uniaxial compression, tensile and flexural strength of soft rocks;
  • Uniaxial stiffness modulus, under loading, unloading and cyclic conditions;
  • Compressibility and shear strength properties of soils.