Students speakers at EGU 2019: success of the school-work exchange program at CNR-IRPI


The collaboration between academia and public school has allowed to achieve an important goal. The synergy developed within the school-work exchange program between researchers of the Research Institute for Hydrogeological Protection (IRPI) of CNR and the students and teachers of the Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Statale A. Volta (ITTS) of Perugia has produced results of high technological quality. Results were presented at the International European Geoscience Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019 conference, which took place in Vienna last week.

Six information technology students from ITTS presented the results of the activities carried out during their stay at the IRPI Institute in Perugia. The work, developed independently by the students with the supervision of the researchers, resulted in the development of different software applications that can be used from computers, tablets and smartphones. These are two innovative products useful for the validation of software developed in-house by IRPI for the temporal forecast of the triggering of landslides (SANF). The first product is an automatic system that, through the use of deep semantic learning libraries, allows detection, filtering, classification and geolocation on web maps of tweets containing information related to the word ‘landslide’. The second product is a web service to present landslide forecasting (SANF) maps combined with the location of landslides obtained from tweets.

In addition to the strictly technological aspects, the continued collaboration with IRPI researchers, allowed students and teaching staff to increase their knowledge of landslides and floods characteristics, their impact on the population and the environment, and to learn about recommended self-protection actions before, during and after geo-hydrological events.

Ivan Marchesini
Cnr – Istituto di ricerca per la protezione idrogeologica
Via Madonna Alta 126, 06128 Perugia