Mountains fall down

Radio interview (23/04/2014) to Daniele Giordan and Silvia Peppoloni by Rosella Panarese.
An active landslide of four hundred thousand cubic meters menaced to fall down from the Mont de la Saxe, near Courmayeur. Dozens of people evacuated, waiting for the landslide collapse. A continuous monitoring system that closely control the instable are evolution. Daniele Giordan, Research Institute for the hydrogeological Protection of the CNR of Turin, explains how this monitoring system works and what you can do to reduce the effects of the landslide collapse. Silvia Peppoloni, INGV researcher and author of Living with natural hazards (Il Mulino, 2014), explains that the whole of Italy is a country in geological risk, and all its inhabitants should know what it means and what behaviors should adopt.