Aerial capable of carrying and handling multipurpose sensors

The GeoHazard Monitoring Group has recently completed, after a year of development, an aerial autonomous platform (UAV) totally self-made and based on a commercial fixed-wing V-TAIL frame, capable of carrying and handling multipurpose sensors (also simultaneously) for land surveying like RGB mirrorless cameras (photogrammetric flightplan), high precision real-time based GNSS positioning sensors; multispectral devices and High Resolution cameras.

The system, with over 1 hour of flight autonomy (payload depending), can takeoff by hand launch (no catapult or bungee needed) and perform an automatic landing with a glide scope or parachute.
Full automatic flight thanks to the integrated full open source autopilot and according with the laws, constantly oversaw by an operator with a portable ground station connected over a multipoint long range telemetry.

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