Mountain Societies Research Institute

Memorandum of Understanding

UCA MSRI and CNR IRPI intend to cooperate in the following areas:
a. Exchange of researchers faculty and/or staff for the planning or implementation of research and teaching projects;
b. Exchange of academic and scientific materials and other information, under the umbrella of the appropriate agreement, such as a Material Transfer Agreement, in conformity with the institutional policies in place;
c. Use of the available infrastructure for research in the areas of cooperation;
d. Development of common research and teaching projects;
e. Intensifications of scholarly relationships through symposiums/summer schools/ conferences/ workshops, carried out together; and
f. Short and medium-term research visits for students (Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral) and research fellows, with prior approval from each institution’s respective authorities.

Start date


End date


Partner contact person

Professor Roy C. Sidle

Internal contact person