Centre for Natural Hazard Research, Simon Fraser University

Cooperation Agreement

The principal objectives of this Agreement are to enhance and develop the various aspects of cooperation between CNHR and CNR IRPI in the areas which fall within the bounds of their respective competences, with the following aims, but not limited to:

  • Develop collaborative research projects or programs of mutual interests in the field of natural hazards, with special emphasis on the impacts of climate change, including the transfer of results to the public, technicians and decision makers;
  • Exchange data, information, and expertise in the field of natural hazards and science communications;
  • Exchange faculty, staff and students;
  • Organize symposia, conferences, workshops, and courses;
  • Pursue research project and grant funding opportunities.

Start date


End date


Internal contact person

Fausto GUZZETTI - fausto.guzzetti@irpi.cnr.it