The CNR IRPI is now certificated by ENAC  as SAPR OPERATOR and CONSTRUCTOR


Our institute, after a long work in collaboration between ENAC (National Entity of Civil and CNR Working Team nominated by the CNR General Director, obtained official certification as RPAS Operator and constructor with consequent authorization to carry out critical and non critical flight operations.

The WT has the following objectives:

  • Census and mapping of CNR UAV’s activities;
  • Definition of administrative procedures for new operators and drone registration;
  • Definition of guidelines for CNR UAV’s fleet managing including operators and pilots safety; data management and security.

This acknowledgment implies the fulfillment of all legal obligations concerning census of pilots; flight operations and aircraft maintenances.

CNR IRPI UAV’s fleet:

At today, UAV’s fleet registered to ENAC is composed by various commercial and self made aircfraft, located over two secondary IRPI officies:

       CNR IRPI s.s of TURIN (4 enabled pilots):

  • ENAC No. 36408: DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO – non critical and critical scenarios S01/S04/S06
  • ENAC No. 36406: SENSFLY EXOM – non critical and critical scenarios S01/S04/S06
  • ENAC No. 36405: DJI PHANTOM 4 –  non critical and critical scenarios S01/S04/S06

            Self made fixed wings:

       CNR IRPI s.s di COSENZA (2 enabled pilots): 

  • ENAC 36407: DJI PHANTOM 4 PLUS – non critical scenarios

Soon, a dedicated web section will be prepared to assist and regulate registration and manegement of new drones according to official ENAC aerial regulation.

More info at: Marco Baldo (