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vianney.sivelle (at)
Via della Madonna Alta, 126 06128, Perugia


Under review

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The research activities mainly regard:

  1. Assessing impacts of climate change on karst groundwater;
  2. Assessing uncertainties in hydrological modeling;
  3. Combining hydrodynamics and hydrochemistry in hydrological modeling;
  4. Inferring groundwater flow processes from artificial tracer tests;
  5. Using satellite data for hydrological modeling at the catchment scale.

Vianney Sivelle was born in Grenoble, France, in 1993. He received his M.S. degree in civil and environmental engineering at Bordeaux University in 2016. He gets a PhD grant from the French ministry of teaching and research (MESR, 2016-2019) and defended a PhD thesis “Conceptual, systemic and distributed approaches for artificial tracer tests interpretation in karst: implication for the determination of the internal structure of karst aquifers”. He continues his research in karst hydrology at Montpellier University (2019-2023) where he dedicates his activities in assessing effect of climate change on karst groundwater and develops lumped parameter modeling approaches. Then, he obtains a grant from the Italian national research council (CNR, 2023-2024) to work on the use of high-resolution satellite data for hydrological modeling in the Mediterranean area.