Francesco FACCINI

Research personnel
Research associate
faccini (at)
Strada delle Cacce, 73 10165, Torino

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The research interest are focused mainly on geo-hydrological hazards in urban and peri-urban areas, from their identification to management and risk  reduction measurements, and on applied geomorphological mapping, especially addressed to urban and land planning. In this tasks he adopted a multi-disciplinary approach for a comprehensive reading of cultural landscape through historical, recent and present-day maps comparison, mainly aimed to man made landforms identification and mapping. Other research interests are related to landslides and deep-seated gravitational slope deformations, geomorphology and hydrogeology in karstic areas and geological heritage identification and mapping.

He took part in several research projects, international, national and from University, and he has been scientific advisor of several research contracts having always object of engineering and environmental geology and geomorphology.


Francesco Faccini (Rapallo, 1968) is an applied geomorphologist with an educational background in engineering geology and physical geography. He obtained two Master degrees summa cum laude at University of Genoa in Geological Science (1991) and in Geography (1998). Both the master thesis got an award for scientific interest in natural protected areas. In 1993 he attended the 2nd level specialisation degree in “Environmental engineering”  at the School of Management and Organization Company in Genoa. He worked as geologist consultant for 15 years, and he got significant experience in the field of engineering and environmental geology, geomorphology applied to land and city planning. Since 2005 he’s a Senior Lecturer of Physical Geography and Geomorphology at the University of Genoa.

From 2012 to nowadays he’s a member of the Community Park and board member of the Regional Natural Park of Portofino, and from 2013 to 2017 he’s a board member of the Ligurian Regional list of Geologists.

He’s registered at Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology (AIGeo), at Italian Association of Engineering and Environmental Geology (AIGA) and Italian Society of Environmental Geology (SIGEA).

Teaching summary

In 2020/21 academic year is the holder of Geomorphological Survey and mapping teaching in the Bachelor Degree in Earth Sciences and Geo-Hydrological hazard teaching in the Master course of Geological Sciences. Before he held the teachings: Geotechnic and Geomechanic elements, Basics of Geomorphology, Environmental Geology, Applied Cartography, Geomorphology applied to land planning, Engineering Geology, Applied Hydrogeology and Applied Geomorphology in the degree programs of Geological Sciences, Geography and Natural Science.