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geo-risks management

Pubblicazioni scelte/Selected publications

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Researcher at CNR-IRPI since 2019. Civil/Environmental Engineer. Currently the Principal Investigator of the Geo-risk Management Group. Principal Investigator of EU (MSCA-RE UPGRADE), national, and local projects aimed at risk mitigation for the protection of people, settlements, and infrastructure.

Winner of 5 international and national awards for best presentations/products. Holds a National Scientific Qualification as a second-level professor in geotechnics since 2018. Author of over 40 peer-reviewed international publications and 25 oral presentations at international conferences. Editor for the Landslide journal (Springer).

The research activity focuses mainly on monitoring, modeling, and mitigation of geo-hydrological risks. A fundamental part of the work involves field surveys for forensic reconstruction of processes in order to produce future scenarios based on back analysis, as well as the development of innovative Structural Health Monitoring systems to quantify the damage state of infrastructure, including tunnels and embankments.

Since the early years of service at CNR-IRPI (2010), the participation in post-event surveys and monitoring campaigns has been ongoing. These have been followed by various in-situ investigations, surveys, and monitoring activities in Veneto, Alto Adige, and Friuli, always focused on the reconstruction of past events for the definition of mitigation measures. Recently, she has been part of the first CNR-IRPI team sent to conduct post-event surveys following the 2023 flood in Emilia-Romagna.

She participates in numerous national and international scientific projects. Among these, the European project MSCA-RISE HERCULES stands out, for which she was a visiting fellow in Germany (ITASCA Consultants GmbH, Gelsenkirchen) in 2019 and author of 3 deliverables. Other periods abroad include the summer of 2016 at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and in Poland in 2015 as part of the Short Term Mobility program of CNR.

She supervises two Ph.D. programs at Alma Mater University of Bologna (DICAM) and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences), as well as numerous specialized theses on geotechnical and engineering geology topics with the University of Padua (ICEA, TESAF, and Geosciences departments) and the University of Bologna (DICAM). She serves as a reviewer and member of committees for awarding the title of Doctor of Research for the University of Padua (ICEA). She also reviews projects for the NWO of the Netherlands and VQR Italian program 2015-2019 in the disciplinary fields of "Geotechnics" (GEV 08B) and "Earth Science" (GEV 04).

Keynote speaker at the UNSAT-WASTE 2023 conference in Shanghai and invited presentations in national and international contexts. Member of the Steering Committee of the international association We4DDR (Women Exchange for Disaster Risk Reduction) and since 2019, a member of the board of the Italian Section of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG).

Regarding outreach, she is the social media manager for the Twitter account of the Geo-Risk Management group @georisk_irpi. She has participated in numerous editions of the "Notte della Ricerca - Research Night" for the dissemination of CNR-IRPI's activities. Finally, she has been a lecturer for "Skype a Scientist," a network that connects scientists with schools of various levels to offer remote lessons. In this case, she gave lessons to two classes of primary school students in London. He was also member of the faculty for School4SID (School of diplomacy) organized by CNR and targeted to members of the EU parliament.