Maurizio POLEMIO

Research personnel
Senior Researcher
Section Head
+39 080 5929584
+39 080 5929610
maurizio.polemio (at)
Via Amendola, 122/I 70126, Bari


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He joined the Bari Department of the Research Institute for the Hydro-geological Protection (IRPI) of the National Research Council (CNR) in 1989. He is a Senior Scientist, the person on charge of the Surface and Underground Hydrology Laboratory and of Hydrogeological Research Group of CNR-IRPI. Author of more than 220 papers, he has maturated expertise on main topics as: quality and quantity degradation of groundwater; groundwater resources management and sustainable use; damaging hydrogeological events as landslides and floods; protection against impacts of climate change and mitigation. He was entrusted with University teaching as Temporary Professor of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology.