MEDSCOPE project: the IRPI contribution


IRPI participates in the project “MEDSCOPE – Mediterranean Services Chain Based on Climate PrEdictions, funded through the ERA4CS Joint Call  – Topic B: Researching and Advancing Climate Service Development by Institutional integration.

The project aims to develop climate forecast capabilities and related services on seasonal-to-decadal timescales. The strategy will be based on exploiting the wide range of existing datasets of climate observations and forecasts to improve our understanding of sources and mechanisms of predictability.

The added value provided by MEDSCOPE to climate services will be assessed for various sectors with high societal impact, e.g. renewable energy, hydrology and agriculture and forestry. The IRPI contribution will cover this aspect of the project, with particular reference to the conditions and evolution of cryosphere resources (Task 4.2).

The MEDSCOPE project is coordinated by Silvio Gualdi of the CMCC Foundation, and the other partners are: CNR (P.I. Susanna Corti, ISAC), RMI, BSC, AEMET, Météo France, INRA.

For IRPI, Marta Chiarle, Guido Nigrelli and Giovanni Mortara, of the GeoClimAlp Research Group participate.

The start of the project is scheduled for summer 2017, for a duration of three years.

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