Hydrogeological study for the risk analysis of a landfill.

A multi-methodological hydrogeological research for the first time clarifies the role of landfill leachate on the degradation of groundwater quality



The company “Progetto Gestione Bacino Bari Cinque srl” has entrusted at the Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection of the CNR the “Hydrogeological study for the risk analysis of the site where the plant of the treatment and disposal of solid urban waste of the same company is located in Contrada Martucci, municipality of Conversano (Bari).


Check for sources of groundwater pollution.


Hydrogeological investigations; measures in the hole; groundwater sampling; geochemical discussion; modeling; data discussing and reporting.


From the results of the Hydrogeological, Geochemical and Isotopic surveys it emerged that the hypotheses of groundwater contamination by the leachate of the landfill are poorly founded, instead by ascribing the presence of nitrates to the use of nitrogen fertilizers in the surrounding farmland.




The study confirmed that there are not the groundwater quality degradation effects of landfills, in the area where the plant for the treatment and disposal of solid urban waste is located, contributing to reassure population and institutions, simplifying the waste management.