The Deputy Director of the Institute is Dr Alessandro Pasuto

Alessandro Pasuto

Alessandro Pasuto

Short Curriculum Vitae

Degree in Geological Sciences at University of Padova in 1984 and since 1986 researcher at National Research Council.

In 2009 he was designated Responsible of the Padova Unit of Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection. His research activity is mainly devoted to applied geology and geomorphology as well as landslide hazard and risk assessment and management. Since 1990 he has actively been involved in several EU funded Projects (e.g., Epoch, Teslec, Newtech, Runout, Oasys, Preview, Mountain Risk, Increo, Changes). From 2001 to 2004 Project Manager of EU funded Project ALARM “Assessment of Landslide Risk and Mitigation in Mountain Areas”.

Since 1999 he is in charge of the Italy-Japan scientific cooperation (MLIT, Ministry of Land, Infrastructures, Transport and Tourism). In this framework in 2001 he was awarded by Public Work Research Institute with “Research Award for Foreign Specialist” and in 2003 he established GRJL, Geo-Risk Joint Lab, Italy-Japan Joint Laboratory on hydrogeological risks supported by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover in 2005 he was founder member of TellNet, “International Disaster Transfer Live Lessons Network (, establishing in Kobe during the second UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction for which he was appointed as member of the Italian official delegation, similarly to what occurred for the third UNWCDRR held in Sendai (Japan) from March 14 to 18 2015. Since 1990 he is consultant of the National Department of Civil Defence during emergencies related to hydrogeological disasters in NW Italy.

From 2005 to 2009 he was scientific responsible of the national project “Landslides and other mass movements”.

In 2011 he was designated by the Italian Ministry of Environment as member of the executive committee of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park on behalf of Scientific Institutions and Universities.

Since 2014 he is coordinating a bilateral project CNR-CAS titled “Managing landslide and debris flow risks and increasing resilience through monitoring, modeling and land planning activities” with Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Chengdu (Sichuan, China).

He is involved in research studies in several foreign countries such as: Japan, Taiwan, China, Malta, Argentina and manages research groups in Italy and abroad. Moreover he collaborates with several universities and research centres both in Italy and abroad.

He is author of more than 170 scientific papers and he is guest editor for prestigious journals.

He is member of the executive committee of CERG (European Centre on Geomorphological Hazard), and member several scientific associations such as EGU (European Geosciences Union), AGU (American Geosciences Union), IAG (International Association of Geomorphologists), IAEG (International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment), JGU (Japan Geomorphological Union).

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