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Via C. B. Cavour, 4/6 87030, Rende (CS)

Tra le più importanti e recenti pubblicazioni:

-        Buttafuoco G, Caloiero T, Coscarelli R, 2014 Analyses of Drought Events in Calabria (Southern Italy) using Standardized Precipitation Index. Water Resources Management, DOI 10.1007/s11269-014-0842-5

-        Caloiero T, Buttafuoco G, Coscarelli R, Ferrari E, 2014 Spatial and temporal characterization of climate at regional scale using homogenous monthly precipitation and air temperature data: an application in southern Italy (Calabria Region). Hydrology Research. DOI 10.2166/nh.2014.022

-        Sirangelo B, Caloiero T, Coscarelli R, Ferrari E, 2014 A stochastic model for the analysis of the temporal change of dry spells. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, DOI: 10.1007/s00477-014-0904-5.

-        Antronico L, Borrelli L, Coscarelli R, Gullà G, 2014 Time evolution of landslide damages to buildings: the case study of Lungro (Calabria, southern Italy). Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, DOI 10.1007/s10064-014-0591-y

-        Borrelli L, Cofone G, Coscarelli R, Gullà G, 2014 Shallow landslides triggered by consecutive rainfall events at Catanzaro strait (Calabria–Southern Italy). Journal of Maps, DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2014.943814

-        Ferrari E, Caloiero T, Coscarelli R, 2013. Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on winter rainfall in Calabria (southern Italy). Theoretical and Applied Climatology, DOI 10.1007/s10346-013-0431-3

-        Antronico L, Borrelli L, Coscarelli R, Pasqua AA, Petrucci O, Gullà G, 2013. Slope movements induced by rainfalls damaging an urban area: the Catanzaro case study (Calabria, southern Italy). Landslides, DOI: 10.1007/s10346-013-0431-3

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Researches and scientific/technical advices as part of conventions between Institute and public administrations, in the following areas: rainfall trend, hydrologic modeling, analysis of long drought periods, teleconnection between rainfall and global climatic indices, analysis of the causes triggering high impact instability phenomena, soil erosion, desertification.



He was born on 6th May 1964 at Cosenza (Calabria, Italy).

He has resulted with praise the Graduates in Civil Engineering for the Soil Conservation and the Territorial Planning (section Hydraulics) at the University of Calabria on 2nd October 1990

He was winner of several Study Contracts in the Area of Soil Protection, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Constructions, funded by the Calabria Regional Administration, by the CNR (National Council Research), by the ENEA-Environment Department.

From 1991 to 1997 he has collaborated with University of Calabria in the course of "Groundwater hydrology" (Engineering Faculty) and also participated, as member, in the exam commissions of the following disciplines "Groundwater hydrology" and "Management of the water resources".

He teached:

a) on thematics regarding groundwater, in European Courses  (COMETT programs), sponsored by Techware Italy (Technology For Water Resources) and organised in the University of Calabria;

b) on thematics regarding hydrogeological risk in several universitary masters (levels I and II) organised in the University of Calabria;

c) on thematics regarding natural risks in training courses for Civil Protection operators, organised by the FORMEZ (Rome) and the Chairmanship of  the Italian Minister Council - Department of Civil Protection;

From November 1997 to March 2001 he worked (qualify: director engineer) at the Chairmanship of the Italian Minister Council, Department of Civil Protection. There he worked in the ambit of post-event phases regarding relevant natural disasters (Umbria-Marche earthquake, Sarno landslide, etc.). In this ambit he coordinated the technical groups for evaluating damages caused by natural events. He was member of several Scientific-Technical Committees nominated for the management of post-event phases.

He also collaborated with the University of Calabria (CAMILAB - Laboratory for Environmental Maps and Hydrogeological Modelling), where he coordinated the Working Group for the Convention between the University of Calabria and the National Department of Civil Protection, regarding the application of forecasting models of landslide and flood events.

At present he works as Researcher in the National Research Council of Italy, Institute for the Hydrogeological Protection - Unity of Cosenza (CNR-IRPI), in the issues of climatic trends, soil protection, soil erosion, desertification.

Coordination and Partecipation in Research Projects:

-        he was Scientific Coordinator of the Research Project “ISPARIDE – Identification and estimate of the parameters for evaluating desertification risk” (may 2004 – May 2007), funded (Euro 146.250,00) by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research;

-        he was component of the Working Group in the Scientific Convention between the CNR IRPI and the State Commissioner (Civil Protection Ordinance no. 3862/2010) for scientific and technical advice relative to studies, surveys and monitoring in the Municipality of Maierato and in the Ianò hamlet of the Municipality of Catanzaro (Calabria - Italy)

-        He was component of the Working Group in the activities of CNR IRPI "Study and experimentation of methodologies and techniques for the mitigation of landslide risk" - lots 1 and 2 - (POR CALABRIA 2000-2006 - Axis 1 - Natural resources Measure 1.4 - settlement systems Action 1.4.c - Study, programming, testing, monitoring, evaluation and information aimed at the development and management of integrated policies intervention for soil conservation)

-        he was component of the Working Group for the Scientific Collaboration (2003-2004) between  CNR-IRPI and Regional Agency for Development and Services in Agriculture (ARPACAL) regarding the theme: “Evaluation of the Erosion Risk in Calabria”;

-        he was Scientific Responsible for CNR-IRPI in the research project “MIRASAT – Methodology for estimating risk indicators through satellite remote sensing”, funded by Regione Calabria. Leader partner: EPSILON Italia; other partner: University of Calabria.

In the ambit of the scientific collaboration with Epsilon Italia srl, he contributed to the following projects:

- Project “ProMyLife - How To Better Protect My Life In Major Emergencies” - Programma: DG Environment – Civil Protection Prevention & Preparedness Actions - Duration: 24 months - Leader: NEA – Development Enterprise of Achaia Prefecture (Greece)

- Project “URBANRISK – Valutazione e Gestione dei Rischi nelle Aree Urbane" -Programme: DG Environment – Civil Protection Prevention & Preparedness Actions - Duration: 18 months - Leader: Epsilon Italia srl, PBS (D), Mettle Group (FR) - Partner: Epsilon International (GR)

 He is reviewer for the following Scientific Journals: Journal oh Hydrology; International Journal of Climatology; Physics and Chemistry of the Earth; Biogeosciences; Geofizika

He partecipated at several scientific national and international Workshops and Conferences, also in speaker quality.

He was co-supervisor of numerous dissertations (three-year and specialist degrees) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Calabria - in the topics of hydro-geological risk -, and of a PhD thesis in Hydraulic Engineering - XX cycle - of the Polytechnic of Milan. He was Scientific Supervisor of several Research Grants at CNR IRPI - UOS of Cosenza.

Member of numerous Evaluation Commissions for assigning Research Collaboration Grants on issues regarding: phenomena of land degradation and desertification, extreme hydrological events, geotechnical data analysis, stability analysis of landslides in urban areas.

He is author/co-author of several publications, published on national and international journals, or presented to national and international congresses, in the issues of climatic trends, hydraulic erosion, desertification, aquifer pollution and extreme events.