Rheology of geological processes

Laboratory studies on debris flow rheology and debris flow hazard assessment (ROGER)



Critical and depositional friction angles are characteristic for the deposition of a granular mass; the wrong angle adoption determines the ineffectiveness of a containment basin. The term is used with different meanings and measured by various procedures. The numerical simulation is a useful tool for the hazard assessment, but the definition of friction needed parameters requires insights on their determination.


  • Study of the rheological parameters (critical and deposition friction angles, runout) characterizing a granular flow.
  • Development and improvement of laboratory measurements of rheological parameters.
  • Determination of realistic parameters for numerical simulations of debris flows and for the design of effective protection works.
  • Debris flow hazard mapping.


  • Test by means of tilting plane rheometer with variable inclination, on granular materials, artificial and natural, different grain size and density.
  • Tests on rock samples in high pressure fragmentation rheometer, (in collaboration with the University of Canterbury, New Zealand).
  • Use of numerical models for the study of the propagation of debris flows and rock avalanches.


  • Evaluation of the effect of density of materials on grain segregation.
  • Evaluation of surface velocity distribution of debris flows by image analysis.
  • Development of measurement systems for appreciation of grain-size variations in the granular flow.
  • Calibration and certification of the level of commercial and open source software reliability for the simulation of debris flows.


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Continuation of the activities described in the “Methods.”
Critical issues stem from the lack of available resources needed to continue the research.