MUltiHAzard framework for water related risks management



The MUHA project is building upon the idea to address disaster management cycle consisting of preparedness-response-mitigation-rebuild components in the ADRION countries. It will connect the observed and modelled hazards and risks related to the integrated water cycle, by effectively join them with the existing and improved coping capacity developed by national, bilateral and EU Civil Protection Mechanisms.


To effectively link different aspects of the water cycle in an improved response system which will integrate functions of the analysis, forecasting and incident command systems, to be integrated in Common Alerting Protocols, thus enabling efficient transnational response.


Four water related risks will be faced: accidental pollution, floods, droughts, failure of critical infrastructure due to earthquake. While the involved countries have already developed different planning and response mechanisms on different levels, MUHA is expected to produce a long-term robust networking based on a joint transnational management to address the common challenges of water-related response to hazard.


As a result, MUHA project will increase resilience of the water supply in addressed countries and directly in the addressed pilot action zones. This will be performed by a common understanding among transnational network of ADRION Partner States/organisations of existing status of water supply reliability/risks, and the international and EU framework addressing this field (Drinking Water Directive, EN15975-2).