Validità delle misure di precipitazione con differenti strumenti durante eventi estremi

Extreme rainfall events_ evaluation with different instruments and measurement reliability

Eventi piovosi estremi_ loro valutazione con diversi strumenti di misura e affidabilità delle misure

Glacier melting increases the solute concentrations of himalayan glacial lakes

The Importance of a Dedicated Monitoring Solution and Communication Strategy for an Effective Management of Complex Active Landslides in Urbanized Areas

Low cost, multiscale and multi-sensor application for flooded area mapping

4D surface kinematics monitoring through terrestrial radar interferometry and image cross-correlation coupling

Evolution of techniques for monitoring unstable slopes

A Low-Cost Optical Remote Sensing Application for Glacier Deformation Monitoring in an Alpine Environment

Taking Advantage of the ESA G-POD Service to Study Ground Deformation Processes in High Mountain Areas_ A Valle d?Aosta Case Study, Northern Italy

Taking advantage of the ESA G-POD service to study deformation processes in mountain areas

Brief Communication_ On the rapid and efficient monitoring results dissemination in landslide emergency scenarios_ The Mont de la Saxe case study

Morphological and kinematic evolution of a large earthflow_ the Montaguto landslide, southern Italy

Ground deformation analysis exploiting surface and sub-surface displacement measurements

The Montaguto earthflow_ A back-analysis of the process of landslide propagation

L’uso di modelli digitali del terreno come strumento dell’evoluzione morfologica dei corsi d’acqua: proposte metodologiche e primi risultati

ADVICE: A New Approach for Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Surface Displacements in Landslide Hazard Scenarios

Brief Communication_ The use of an unmanned aerial vehicle in a rockfall emergency scenario

Morphological and kinematic evolution of a large earthflow_ The Montaguto landslide, southern Italy

Surface displacements following the Mw 6.3 L’Aquila earthquake_ One year of continuous monitoring via Robotized Total Station

Time response of a landslide to meteorological events

Preface Results of the open session on “Documentation and monitoring of landslides and debris flows” for mathematical modelling and design of mitigation measures, held at the EGU General Assembly 2009

A global slope unit-based method for the near real-time prediction of earthquake-induced landslides

Highly-sensitive FBG pressure sensor based on a 3D-printed transducer

An integrated framework to identify and analyze karst sinkholes

SCIDDICA-SS3: a new version of cellular automata model for simulating fast moving landslides

Alluvial fan shifts and stream captures driven by extensional tectonics in central Italy

Alluvial fan shift reveals Quaternary migration of active extension. A case study in the Northern Apennines of Italy

Tectono-sedimentary evolution of an extensional basin revealed by a combined photo-geological and field-mapping approach. The Montefalco Basin (Northern Apennines, Italy)

Quaternary migration of active extension revealed by a syn-tectonic alluvial fan shift. A case study in the Northern Apennines of Italy.

Landslides and fortified settlements as valuable geoheritage sites in the Moldavian Plateau, North-Eastern Romania.

Spatio-temporal relation between landslide occurrence and abandoned or not maintained agricultural terraces in the Moldavian Plateau, NE Romania.

Photo-geology of the Montefalco Quaternary Basin, Umbria, Central Italy

Landslide distribution and size in response to Quaternary fault activity_ The Peloritani Range, NE Sicily, Italy

Assessing the influence of morpho-structural setting on landslide abundance

An approach to reduce mapping errors in the production of landslide inventory maps

A new approach to reduce the mapping error of landslide inventory maps

Morpho-structural influences on landslide pattern and distribution_ Grass GIS tool application.

A method for the assessment of the influence of bedding on landslide abundance and types

A logical framework for ranking landslide inventory maps

Structural geomorphology, active faulting and slope deformations in the epicentre area of the MW 7.0, 1857, Southern Italy earthquake

Frontal collapse during thrust propagation in mountain belts_ a case from the Lucanian Apennines, southern Italy

New Perspectives in Landslide Displacement Detection Using Sentinel-1 Datasets

Presentazione del volume “Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction Policies”

A cellular model for secondary lahars and simulation of cases in the Vascun Valley, Ecuador

Simulations of flow-like landslides invading urban areas_ a cellular automata approach with SCIDDICA

Preparing first-time slope failures hazard maps_ form pixel-based to slope-unit based

Multi-temporal analysis of the role of check dams in a debris-flow channel_ Linking structural and functional connectivity

Influence of the neutron-skin effect on nuclear isobar collisions at RHIC

Quantification of irrigation water using remote sensing of soil moisture in a semi-arid region