Influence of the neutron-skin effect on nuclear isobar collisions at RHIC

The Importance of a Dedicated Monitoring Solution and Communication Strategy for an Effective Management of Complex Active Landslides in Urbanized Areas

Alluvial fan shifts and stream captures driven by extensional tectonics in central Italy

Different landslide sampling strategies in a grid-based bivariate statistical susceptibility model

A landslide susceptibility analysis for Buzau County, Romania

The connection between long-term and short-term risk management strategies for flood and landslide hazards_ examples from land-use planning and emergency management in four European case studies

Evaluating data quality collected by volunteers for first-level inspection of hydraulic structures in mountain catchments

Geology, slow-moving landslides, and damages to building in Verbicaro area (north-western Calabria region, southern Italy)

Shallow landslide susceptibility assessment in granitic rocks using GIS-based statistical methods_ the contribution of the weathering grade map (vol 15, pg 1127, 2018)

The interplay of structural pathway and weathering intensity in forming mass-wasting processes in deeply weathered gneissic rocks (Sila Massif, Calabria, Italy)

Long-term measurements using an integrated monitoring network to identify homogeneous landslide sectors in a complex geo-environmental context (Lago, Calabria, Italy)

Glacier melting increases the solute concentrations of himalayan glacial lakes

Visual interpretation of stereoscopic NDVI satellite images to map rainfall-induced landslides

The Role of Water-Rock Interaction Processes in Soil Formation_ Geochemical, Mineralogical, Geomorphological, and Engineering-Geological Aspects

Soil electrical resistivity for spatial sampling design, prediction and uncertainty modelling of soil moisture

Role of rainfall intensity and urban sprawl in the 2014 flash flood in Genoa City, Bisagno catchment (Liguria, Italy)

Anthropogenic changes in the alluvial plains of the Tyrrhenian Ligurian basins

Morphological changes and human impact in the Entella River floodplain (Northern Italy) from the 17th century

Heavy Rainfall Triggering Shallow Landslides_ A Susceptibility Assessment by a GIS-Approach in a Ligurian Apennine Catchment (Italy)

Historical Geomorphological Research of a Ligurian Coastal Floodplain (Italy) and Its Value for Management of Flood Risk and Environmental Sustainability

Inventory of geo-hydrological phenomena in Genova municipality (NW Italy)

New insights in the relation between climate and slope failures at high-elevation sites

Environmental Data Acquisition, Elaboration and Integration_ Preliminary Application to a Vulnerable Mountain Landscape and Village (Novalesa, NW Italy)

Debris flows on 9 and 14 August 2015 in the Southwestern Alps

Rainfall events with shallow landslides in the Entella catchment, Liguria, northern Italy

A historical geomorphological approach to flood hazard management along the shore of an alpine lake (northern Italy)

Structure from Motion Multisource Application for Landslide Characterization and Monitoring_ The Champlas du Col Case Study, Sestriere, North-Western Italy

New Perspectives in Landslide Displacement Detection Using Sentinel-1 Datasets

Highly-sensitive FBG pressure sensor based on a 3D-printed transducer

Precipitation trend and concentration in the Sardinia region

The role of the hydrogeological and anthropogenic factors on the environmental equilibrium of the Ugento Wetland (Southern Italy)

Morphology of the tropopause layer and lower stratosphere above a tropical cyclone_ A case study on cyclone Davina (1999)

A hydrogeological study to support the optimized management of the main sea level aquifer of the island of Malta

Channel control works and sediment connectivity in the European Alps

Debris-flow volumes in northeastern Italy_ Relationship with drainage area and size probability

A Support Analysis Framework for mass movement damage assessment_ applications to case studies in Calabria (Italy)

Il dissesto idrogeologico in Calabria_ dati disponibili e loro possibili applicazioni

Perimetrazione del rischio idrogeologico connesso alle piene fluviali_ aspetti metodologici e operativi di un caso di studio in Calabria centrale

L’influenza della piovosità e dell’antropizzazione sulla serie storica delle piene catastrofiche (Calabria sud-occidentale)

Flash Flood Occurrences Since the 17th Century in Steep Drainage Basins in Southern Italy

Piovosità, franosità e aree montane poco sviluppate_ il caso dell’alto Ionio cosentino.

Dealing With Hydro-Geological Events_ Mitigation and History Cases

Landslide damage assessment using the Support Analysis Framework (SAF): the 2009 landsliding event in Calabria (Italy).

Suscettività alla siccità in Calabria ed effetti sulle acque sotterranee.

La ricerca storica sui fenomeni di dissesto idrogeologico in Calabria.

L’inventario delle opere di sistemazione e bonifica fluviale effettuate nel 900 nella provincia di Cosenza.

Damaging events along roads during bad weather periods_ a case study in Calabria (Italy).

The occurrence of floods and the role of climate variations from 1880 in Calabria (Southern Italy)

Scale-invariant rainstorm hazard modeling for slopeland warning.

A simplified method for landslide damage scenario assessment based on historical data