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Articoli  recenti

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Articoli che ancora mi piacciono - Papers I still like
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,131, 99-108.


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Erosione del suolo, erosione per fossi effimeri e permanenti, erosione diffusa ed incanalata, erosione tunnel; fisica del suolo;  badlands;  idrologia di versante; interazioni vegetazione-suolo, biodiversita'; lavorazioni del suolo e livellamenti;  desertificazione; ecollogia e ecosistemi; evoluzione del paesaggio, effetti antropici ed interazioni; effetti dei cambiamenti climatici;  sviluppo di algoritmi e modelli.

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dinamica del'ecosistema e processi geomorfologicii

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2010-2013  FP7 SPACE-2010-1 – 263435 – BIO_SOS “BIOdiversity multi-Source Monitoring System: from Space tO Species” Dec.2010-Nov.2013, (member of the coordination unit)

2009-2013  FP7 ENV-GA244088 FIRESENSE “Fire Detection and Management through a Multi-Sensor Network for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Areas from the Risk of Fire and Extreme Weather Conditions”

2009-2010      Regione Calabria - POR 2000-06 1/1.4c “Pericolosità Legata ai Fenomeni di Intensa Erosione Idrica Areale e Lineare “

2007 – 2009    EC Integrated Project GOCE 037046 – “Desertification Mitigation and Remediation of Land - a global approach for local solutions (DESIRE)“

2004-2008      national delegate at the COST action 634 “ On- and Off-Site Environmental Impacts of Runoff and Erosion”

2004-2007      SSPE-CT-2004-501516 “Micro-economic instruments for impact assessment of multifunctional agriculture to implement the Model of European Agriculture (MEA-Scope)”.

2004-2007      GOCE-CT-2003-505361 “Conditions for restoration and mitigation of desertified areas using vegetation (RECONDES)”.

1998-2003      National delegate at the COST Action 623 “Soil Erosion and Global Change”,

1997-2001      ENV4-CT97-0687 “Modelling within-storm soil erosion dynamics (MWISED)”; responsible of the local research unit.

1996-2000      FAIR3-CT96 1478 “Tillage erosion: current state, future trends and prevention (TERON)”.

1995 - 1997    CNR PS project. 'Foreste e produzioni forestali nel territorio montano'

1991-1994:     CEC-STEP 90-0053 “European soil erosion model (EUROSEM)



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