Special Issue_ Damaging Hydrogeological Events

Autori Vari, 2019, Special Issue_ Damaging Hydrogeological Events, Basel: MDPI AG, 2019,
URL: http://www.cnr.it/prodotto/i/409683

Damaging Hydrogeological Events (DHE) are periods of severe weather conditions affecting wide areas for several days, during which landslides, floods, storm surges, hail, wind and lightning can cause huge damage and victims. The exponential growth of DHE that occurred worldwide in the last few decades may be related to the increasing frequency and magnitude of natural dangerous phenomena, as a direct consequence of climate change, thus demanding deep understanding of events development, interaction with urbanisation and management procedures allowing to mitigate damage. This Special Issue of Water aims to analyse all the types of phenomena causing damage during these events (landslides, floods, storm surges, wind ect.), either singularly or in the complex framework of cascading effects that characterise some DHE (i.e. landslide blooking river couse). The focus can be either on metereological framework preceding the events or on the difficult recognition of the effects and damage of the events. Within this aim, interdisciplinary original research articles highlighting new ideas, study approaches and innovations allowing efficient forecasting and management of DHE are welcomed.

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