Progetto MEMPHIS.D3.3 Report of trial cases plan

Fifamè Koudogbo (1), Marco Bianchi (1), Rubén Iglesias (1), Hervé Caumont (2), Fabrizio Pacini (2), Francesca Ardizzone (3), Mauro Rossi (3), Alessandro Mondini (3), Christian Bignami (4), Vassilis Sakkas (4), Natalia Spanou (4), 2016, Progetto MEMPHIS.D3.3 Report of trial cases plan, 2016,

This document is the deliverable D3.3 Trial Case readiness; it defines and describes the trial cases that are foreseen in the framework of the MEMpHIS project. The defined trial cases are designed to address real world use cases targeting landslide and seismic hazard mapping based on the use of EO data together with ancillary information. This document is organised as follows_ Trial cases objectives, for both landslide and earthquakes (paragraph 2) Pilot project description (paragraph 3 and 4) Trial case setup and exploitation plan (paragraph 5)

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