Progetto MEMPHIS.D1.1_v1: Assessment of User Requirements

Francesca Ardizzone (1), Alessandro Mondini (1), Federica Fiorucci (1), Vassilis Sakkas (2), Natalia Spanou (3), Salvatore Stramondo (4), Christian Bignami (4), Marco Polcari (4), Matteo Albano (4), Fifamè Koudogbo (5), Maite Garcia (5), 2015, Progetto MEMPHIS.D1.1_v1: Assessment of User Requirements, pp.1–25, 2015,

This report represents the draft version deliverable 1.1 according to the contract No 4000113774/15/CNR-IRPI (Appendix B to the Statement of Work, Project deliverable list). The report summarises the User Requirements that have been collected and considered for the definition of the products to be developed in the framework of the Geohazards GSP (General Studies Programme). The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) have worked together for several years on the specific topic of disasters and share, in particular, a deep interest in geohazards. This became more evident with the joint collaboration to host the International Forum on Satellite Earth Observations for Geohazards (the Santorini Conference) from 21-23 May, 2012 in Santorini, Greece. The document first considers the user requirements that have been gathered in Bally, 2012 and CEOS, 2015. Those first set of requirements is completed by the specifications defined within the project consortium, by the advanced and expert users CNR-IRPI, INGV, IGME and NKUA. The User Consultation Workshop was moreover organised on November 27th with the objective of collecting the requirements of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) user community regarding the use of new EO methods and Information and communications technology (ICT).

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