Inventory of geo-hydrological phenomena in Genova municipality (NW Italy)

Guido Paliaga, Fabio Luino, Laura Turconi & Francesco Faccini, 2018, Inventory of geo-hydrological phenomena in Genova municipality (NW Italy), Journal of maps (Stud. ed.) (2018). doi_10.1080/17445647.2018.1535454,

In Italy geo-hydrological phenomena are the most common hazards_ every year landslides and floods cause damage and fatalities; Genova city is one of the most affected areas. Since 2000 scientific studies have demonstrated an increase in events, due to the rainfall regime variation and to the urbanization. Thematic maps are an essential tool for evaluating the interaction between geomorphological processes and the elements at risk. In the present work, we have prepared an original geo-hydrological phenomena inventory map of Genova at 1_45,000 scale (the 'A1' size). The map shows the floodable areas, landslides and deepseated gravitational slope deformation, the urban fabric and the cultural heritage sites. The map gives an overview of the geo-hydrological phenomena through the integration of the different hazard sources, of the exposed elements and of their spatial distribution, allowing for a first analysis of the risk_ in a 240 km2 area, more than 3600 residential buildings are located on the 4 km2 high hazard floodable areas and more than 360 on the about 500 active landslides.

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