Groundwater Resources and Salt Water Intrusion in a Changing Environment

Maurizio Polemio and Kristine Walraevens (Eds.), 2019, Groundwater Resources and Salt Water Intrusion in a Changing Environment, Basilea: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2019,

This book includes the Special Issue with the work of 30 scientists of 11 countries. It confirms that the impacts of global change, resulting from both climate change and increasing anthropogenic pressure, are huge on worldwide coastal areas (and very particularly on some islands of the Pacific Ocean), with highly negative effects on coastal groundwater resources, widely affected by seawater intrusion. Some improved research methods are proposed in the contributions_ using innovative hydrogeological, geophysical, and geochemical monitoring; assessing impacts of the changing environment on the coastal groundwater resources in terms of quantity and quality; and using modelling, especially to improve management approaches. The scientific research needed to face these challenges must continue to be deployed by different approaches based on the monitoring, modeling, and management of groundwater resources. Novel and more efficient methods must be developed to keep up with the accelerating pace of global change.

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