Experimental survey of glacier monitoring with Metasensing FastGBSAR

Daniele Giordan Paolo Allasia Niccolò Dematteis, 2017, Experimental survey of glacier monitoring with Metasensing FastGBSAR, 2017,
URL: http://www.cnr.it/prodotto/i/382001

This report presents the data and results of an experimental survey campaign performed during the period 13-19 June 2016, for monitoring the surface deformations of the Planpincieux glacier with the FastGBSAR developed and marketed by the MetaSensing Company. The activity was carried out within a partnership between the MetaSensing Company and the consortium of the research institutes composed by CNR IRPI, Università di Pavia and CTTC, aiming at evaluating the performances of the FastGBSAR instrument. In particular, this apparatus is able to provide an image every 10 seconds. Within this agreement MetaSensing offered a free use of the device during the survey and provided direct technical support, while the other members dealt with the logistic issues, monitoring activities and data processing. One of the objectives was the testing by the research team of the operative and measurement performances of the FastGBSAR in an unfavourable environment (long range and high atmospheric inhomogeneity) and the identification of possible issues, considering that it was the first long-lasting campaign performed in on-field conditions without constant supervision. The results of the data processing will be available for scientific and research purposes.

Data from https://intranet.cnr.it/people/