Annual glaciological survey of Italian glaciers (2019)

Baroni C. (1), Bondesan A. (2), Carturan L. (3), Chiarle M. (4) (Eds.), 2020, Annual glaciological survey of Italian glaciers (2019), Geografia fisica e dinamica quaternaria (Testo stamp.) 43 (2020): 45–142. doi_10.4461/ GFDQ.2020.43.4,

In this paper we present results of the annual glaciological survey (2019) conducted on Italian glaciers. More than 200 volunteers operated in the three Alpine sectors (Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy and Triveneto) and in the Apennines (Calderone Glacier, Gran Sasso Group). Data on the frontal variations measured during the 2019 glaciological survey are reported_ 102 glaciers were visited in the Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta sector (54 were measured), 24 in the Lombardy Sector (20 measured), 61 in the Triveneto Sector (54 measured) and 1 in the Apennines. Section on mass balance measurements furnishes data for 21 Italian glaciers monitored during the 2018-2019 hydrological year (4 in the Western Alps, 16 in the Eastern Alps and one in the Central Apennines).

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